Learn To Trade The Right Way

The 4xCounts System©  will guide you in becoming a consistently profitable trader. Unlike signal services our system will teach you how to trade the right way and explain the logic behind it. Whether you are a beginner or have trading knowledge, anyone with the desire, passion and drive to become financially independent and can succeed with our system

Why this system? This system incorporates:

  • Solid principles of Supply and Demand
  • Risk and money management
  • The systematic approach of the system overcomes psychological trading biases that lead to most traders failing to become profitable

Our Software

The Beta version is open to the everyone, just visit our Download page. The unlimited version is available to anyone with a real trading account who has shown consistency and profitability using our system on a demo account.

Why do we need you to be profitable before you can get the unlimited version? Our system can only be used on our partner broker platforms meaning we are paid commission on any trades you make. The commission we earn helps us with continual improvement of the system and most importantly allows us to keep the system completely free. That said, we do not want to earn commissions from a losing trader. Our aim is to have a shared success in reaching your financial independence.

Interested? Then your first step to financial freedom is downloading and installing our 4xCounts System© - Beta version from our Download page.

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