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The 4xCounts System© is based on the principles of Richard D. Wyckoff. The system will teach you how markets move and how to profit from the moves. Please note this is not a signal service. Unlike signal services our system will teach you how to trade the right way and explain the logic behind it.

Once you start using our system, we will also give you potential counts that are availing themselves in the market in case you missed any. We will share our counts on twitter, so make sure you follow us on twitter.

Curious what counts are? Get started today to find out!

Can't afford the full paid version?

That's okay you can order our free version, the 4xCounts System© - $0 Edition in the catalog section.

So what the catch? What's in it for us? The free version can only be used on our partner broker platform and we are paid commission on any winning or losing trades trades you make.

Of course we want you to be successful as possible so one condition of the free version is that we will only allow you to start trading on a real/live account once we get your demo account statement showing that you are trading consistently and successfully.

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